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We know how inconvenient it is to be without your car. And nobody likes big bills. So here’s a few ways we can help you:


  • Open 7 days a week, from 11pm to 6am.

  • Relax in our onsite coffee shop while you wait.

  • No unnecessary work promise.

  • Eat in our deli. WiFi and charging ports.

  • Next to train station and bus stop.

  • Batteries
    There’s nothing more frustrating than a car which won’t start. And it always seems to happen at the worst time. We can help you avoid battery-related problems. Free battery testing. Batteries for all cars and vans. Premium & budget batteries available.
  • Brakes
    It’s every driver’s worst nightmare. You press on the brake pedal … and nothing happens. If you aren’t 100% happy with your brakes, comes to us for a free inspection. Don’t compromise on brakes – book a free brake health check. High quality brake components from leading manufacturers. Expert diagnostic & fitting.
  • Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)
    The DPF on a modern diesel becomes blocked after time, especially after prolonged short journeys, and can cost a small fortune to replace. Call us for advice on dealing with this problem. Diagnostic & Re-generation service.
  • Diagnostics
    Got strange warning lights appearing on your dashboard? Or suspect that you have electrical problems with your vehicle? We can help. Specialist skills & equipment to deal with modern electronics. Significantly cheaper than franchised dealers.
  • Air Conditioning
    AC systems slowly lose refrigerant (often referred to as gas) over time. But Highams can re-charge the AC system for any car. Have the system sanitised every year to remove bacteria. Tip. Use AC to demist the car quickly in damp conditions. Switch on the AC at least once a week for 15mins to ‘exercise’ the system.
  • Bodywork
    We can return your car to showroom condition. Whether you have had an accident, or somebody has scratched your car in a car park, we can help. Major and minor accident repair work. ‘Touch up’ to a full re-spray. Paint buffing & polishing.
  • Other services
    We’ve been working as specialist car mechanics from the same address since 1919. So we know a lot about customer service … and about cars! No matter what the problem, please come and talk to Highams first. You’ll find us honest, focused on your needs, and we’re excellent value too.
  • Your manufacturer warranty is safe
    It is a common misconception that only a main agent can service your new car whilst within the warranty period. Under the ‘Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation’ you cannot be obliged, as a condition of warranty, to have your car serviced by a franchised dealer. The work can be carried out by an independent garage as long as that garage uses manufacturer approved parts and correctly follows the manufacturer’s service schedule. . This is something that we at Highams have always done. This is not always the case with all independent garages and fast fit chains.
  • Courtesy car / public transport
    Please ask about booking one of our courtesy cars for when your car is being repaired, services or MOT checked. We’re on the main road, just north of Alderley Edge railway station. There are frequent trains and buses within two minutes walk of our workshop.
  • Open 6am till 11pm
    Our workshop is open from 8AM till 5.30PM, Monday to Friday (closed weekends). If you want to drop off or collect your car outside those hours, our forecourt is open from 6AM till 11PM, seven days a week. The forecourt attendant can take your keys in the morning, or take your payment in the evening. No more rushing to pick up your car by normal closing hours.
  • Make a booking now
    Please phone 01625 582223 Or email
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